Twenty Eleven is Awesome

In a community that is rapidly being dominated by premium themes, the WordPress team really have outdone themselves with the Twenty Eleven theme. The apparent simplicity of the theme is deceiving – get under the skin for even a moment and you can completely change the appearance, structure and colour of the theme with almost no code knowledge – and even less time. I installed the theme about seven minutes ago – and already I’ve ditched the header text, moved the footers about and changed some colours. And made coffee.

I used to adore the Thesis theme for its extensibility – how easily it could be changed to accomodate even the most audacious of concepts, with a couple of lines of code. The only thing I didn’t like so much was the price – free is obviously best, and open source even better. Twenty Eleven is kind of like all the bits of Thesis that I love, plus a couple other awesome features which I wasn’t expecting, but love anyway.

So what does that mean? Well, I’m going to modify my website to run on a modified version of the Twenty Eleven theme – I love the header rotations, and I love its absolute simplicity (and speed) so why not?

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