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A few months ago, I decided to give Google Drive a trial – it had all the signs of being a fantastic service. It was offering storage for half the price of Dropbox, seemed fast and had the great image recognition feature that I wrote about previously.

However, today I changed back to Dropbox. Why? Because while Google Drive is great, it isn’t a finished product yet. With any sizeable file upload / update, at least 2% will fail out with an ‘unknown error’. It then won’t be able to sync these until you restart the app. But it doesn’t tell you that, the symbol just goes back to normal as if everything is okay.

Add that to the fact that I never felt as though I could trust Google – I always had a niggling feeling that they were scanning my content (which for advertising purposes I don’t mind, but anything more than that is increasingly sinister) and I have decent motivation to go back to Dropbox. With their recent space upgrade, the pricing difference isn’t enormous anyway – plus I get quite a lot of free referral space. Win-win.


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