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So last week, Google announced Google Drive. At first glance, it’s Dropbox with a new name. Second glance, again Dropbox. But on the third glance several new things become obvious. And those new things are what made me trial switching from Dropbox (something I am a vocal fan of).

Search – One of the things Dropbox never really had was a robust search. Sure, you can search the file titles and that’s great, but what if you want to find something in the contents of a report?

Image Recognition – Upload a picture of the Eiffel Tower. Search for the Eiffel Tower. Guess what appears? Awesome. Enough said.

Online Viewing – Google Drive can open things natively in a web browser. No more downloading on separate computers, just a quick preview.

Couple that with the implied security that Google products have (against the several Dropbox gaffes of late) and there’s definitely some competition there. Add in a better price point and it was enough to convince me to give it a try.

What I’ve missed is the obvious, and the same as GMail – Google scans your files. I’m sure at some point it’ll be used to improve my advertising. Unlike many, I have absolutely no problem with that – properly targeted ads are all I really want to see. After all, how else would I know what to buy?

So I’m giving Google Drive a go. So far so good – the battery drain on my laptop is less than Dropbox (although not a great deal) and it has copied all my stuff pretty quickly. Lets see how it is in a month.

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  1. […] A few months ago, I decided to give Google Drive a trial – it had all the signs of being a fantastic service. It was offering storage for half the price of Dropbox, seemed fast and had the great image recognition feature that I wrote about previously. […]


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