It’s a shame about Netflix

When Netflix launched in the UK, I was initially really excited. My American friends all rave about it, it seems that everybody has it. Sadly, though, it did not live up to the hype in the UK.

I signed up on launch day, and was immediately disappointed by the complete lack of range. I’m a student, and when I think of on-demand TV, I think of Big Bang Theory, Dexter, How I Met Your Mother and perhaps some ‘relatively’ recent films. Of that, there were the first two seasons of Dexter (bearing in mind the seventh series airs later this year). Absolutely nothing else. I understand now why its only £5.99.

Its been a few months now so I signed back up to see if anything had changed, maybe they’d realised what we wanted, or maybe they’d been working on agreements to show the content, who knows. Still nada.

Its a shame, as I’d happily pay double what they are asking in return for a comprehensive TV library, incorporating as much of American TV as the American Netflix has of ours. In fact, £12 a month would be a pittance for such a service – especially as it takes the US series’ six months to get over here anyway.

I hope Netflix realise how many more customers they would have if they went for the student market and provided some decent shows, I reckon at least 3/5 people would love a service like this.

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