A Night Out With The Irish

Guinness and PeerIndex have teamed together to create a competition that will enable you to have a brilliant night on the town (on them!).

The prize is thus:

You and a friend could be on a private jet to Dublin for an amazing evening courtesy of Guinness and PeerIndex. That’s right. You and your mate will be picked up by car, taken to a private airport, board your own personal jet and spend one evening in Dublin before we fly you back to the UK.

And can be won by entering online, or by visiting selected pubs (listed on the Guinness UK page) and running into one of their flight attendants, Guinness in hand.

Lets face it: who wouldn’t want a night out with the Irish?

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  1. […] very relaxed, friendly place – somewhere I’d like to spend more time (and if I win this Guinness competition then maybe I will!). Our hotel wasn’t too bad and the flights over were surprisingly good […]


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