Frankfurt Christmas Markets


In December last year, Alice and I visited Frankfurt for a weekend – primarily to visit the famous German Christmas Markets. While Frankfurt isn’t by any stretch the most famous, it is still a wonderful experience that sprawls around the city centre (and never seems to end) – complete with German sausages, art, and beer. Christmas Markets have been a tradition in Frankfurt for more than 600 years [1], and the German Christmas Market concept is replicated in many cities across the UK – something that has greatly bolstered its popularity.

We chose Frankfurt because of its proximity to the largest airport in Germany, and because the location (Römerberg Square) is an easy walk from pretty much any hotel in the area. It also helped that British Airways had a deal on flights and a hotel for a weekend in December!

One of the first things we noticed about the market was the smell – something that is hard to describe, but is a mixture of baked apples, mulled wine and grilled sausages – a sort of inviting smoky smell that sets the tone for the whole experience.

The Christmas Market itself is presented as a maze of wooden stalls, brightly lit and selling everything from food to metal art (I wish I had gotten a picture) and lots more in between. There’s no real direction, so you can stumble around completely at random and enjoy the delicacies and oddities. The food was reasonably priced, and indeed made up most of what we ate during the day on our weekend.

If you want to find out more about the German Christmas Markets, this website has a complete list and a huge amount of information.

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