Review of the HEM Hotel, Amsterdam

This is a review of the HEM Hotel in Amsterdam – where I stayed in September 2012.


When I booked the HEM Hotel, the reviews weren’t particularly promising – an average of around 2.5/5, and plenty of complaints. It cost about £40 a night, making it perfect for a budget night in Amsterdam, and I didn’t arrive with particularly high expectations.

The hotel is located about fifteen minutes away from Amsterdam Centraal Station (on the No. 2 tram line, get off at Westlandgracht) and along the route there is a supermarket, several places to eat, a Starbucks and an Apple Store. It is a bit hidden away, but unlike the reviews said, the reception staff (and everyone else I dealt with) were very friendly, accommodating – and they all spoke English very well. The keycard to our door played up (it always happens to me!) but they were very helpful about that too, and we haven’t had any problems since.


The room was fairly spacious, very clean and the bathroom is a lot bigger than most (although the shower takes some getting used to). The beds were also very comfortable and there were no bedbugs, mice or other unwelcome critters (as some other reviews suggested). We stayed four nights, and every night the bed was freshly made and new towels were provided.

Unfortunately I forgot to take any pictures – but I’ve found some that look a lot like the room I was in, and have added them to this post.

In conclusion, I was pleasantly surprised by the HEM Hotel in Amsterdam – and would happily return next time I visit Amsterdam. It is far enough from the city centre to be cheap (and quiet) but not so far that it’s difficult (or expensive) to commute. The beds were comfortable, the staff friendly and the price good. Not much more you can ask for, really.

You can find out more about the HEM Hotel in Amsterdam here, as well as booking prices.

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