Tips for Budget Eating in Amsterdam

Food in Amsterdam, like most big cities, is expensive – particularly if you want any kind of sit-down meal. For those travelling on a budget, €15-20 per meal depletes money that could be spent on other important things, like beer and museums. Although it isn’t immediately obvious, there are several budget eating options in Amsterdam – most of which are pretty easy to find.

1. Find a Supermarket.
One of the most cost effective ways to eat anywhere, and Amsterdam is no exception. There’s a supermarket called “Albert Heijn” on a tramline used by routes 1,2 and 5 – right next to the “Koningsplein” stop. They have everything – from sandwiches to cases of beer for as much as 50% off the price of restaurants and fast food outlets.

2. Orange juice is much cheaper than coke.
Better for you, too.

3. Try the food outlets just outside Centraal Station
They are all very reasonably priced (particularly the Kebab shop, which I tried) and serve good food. Avoid the drinks – they almost double the price of the supermarkets.

4. Avoid McDonalds.
Apart from not being a particularly authentic travel food experience, McDonalds is widely regarded as a benchmark for food price worldwide. In mainland Europe, particularly Amsterdam, it is very expensive (near double what you’ll pay in the UK).

5. Hit the markets.
Scattered all around central Amsterdam are market stalls, selling everything from fresh fruit smoothies to meat. Whilst the latter isn’t particularly feasible if you’re just visiting, the fruit tastes fantastic and is very cheap.

I hope this helps, and sound off in the comments if you have any of your own tips to share!

Picture Source: Moyan Brenn, Flickr.

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